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You can find in out app the map of the mall, cinema program, services and also the “parking payment” function. Download now!

Would you like to have more within the reach of your hands? Visit the Apple Store and download the Rio Design Barra app. You get access to the center map, cinema program, services and also the “parking payment” function. It is only available for iPhones.

Valet Parking

Thinking about find a place to park? We think about it for you.

Leave your vehicle with our professional Parking Service team and benefit from your hassle-free parking time.

Dogs Welcome

At Rio Design Barra your dog is our guest.

Rio Design Barra is pet friendly. Admission of small and medium dogs is permitted; restriction applies at the restaurant area. In addition to that, the shopping mall offers a pet shop at the convenience area and pet-cars are available for your dog’s comfort. This exclusive service is found at the Concierge.

UAU Pet Store
Among the services offered by the Pet Shop: veterinary, bathing, grooming and temporary lodging.
Location: Underground
Telephone: (21) 3325-9009

Wi-fi and Internet Access

Rio Design Barra offers internet wireless internet all over the mall.

Wherever you are at the shopping mall, you have the freedom to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi for free.
Register and surf the web for up to four hours daily.

Concierge – Bilingual Clients

Comfort and facility at Rio Design Barra's Conciege.

At the Concierge we offer a wide range of exclusive services to suit your shopping needs. When shopping, we want you to benefit from all the comfort you need to relax.
At the Concierge you will find a lost and found, a storage area, a pet-car and wheelchair services.
Location: 1st Floor – Main Entrance
Telephone: (21) 2430-3024
Monday to Saturday – 10 am to 10 pm
Sunday and Holidays – 3 pm to 21pm


Learn more about shop, booth leasing and merchandising actions.

To get information about Rio Design Barra shop leasing contact us by the telephone (21) 3461-9999 or by e-mail

For booth leasing and merchandising actions contact us by the telephone (21) 3461-9999 or by the e-mail

Follow us on Instagram

We want to share with you all the news we have to offer!

We want to share with you all the news we have to offer! Follow us on Instagram and get to know what is going on at Rio Design Barra:

Photograph: Isabella Gerde

Working Hours

Monday through Saturday: from 10 am to 10 pm, Sundays and holidays*: from 3 pm to 9 pm.

From Monday to Saturday: from 10 am to 10 pm
Sundays and Holidays*: from 3 pm to 9 pm.

Everyday: from 12h until the last customer

*Saturday Holidays (Except for Carnival, Christmas and New Year): from 10 am to 10 pm.

Social Responsibility: IRS

Learn more about Rogerio Steinberg Institute (IRS).

The ROGERIO STEINBERG INSTITUTE/IRS is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “Awake and Develop Talents to Transform Lives” – children and youngsters who come from families of social unprivileged backgrounds. Since it was set up in 1998, about 32000 children and youngsters have been referred by over 30 associate institutions with IRS.
The following programs are offered:

Awakening Talents Program
It takes place in municipal state schools and non-profit educational institutions. It offers activities which are led by the Institute’s facilitators in order to complement the regular syllabus aiming at promoting the discovery of new knowledge and abilities. The facilitators identify those with the AH/SD profile and refer them to the Talent Development Program. 1713 children and youngsters between 8 and 12 years old were seen by this project in 2012.

Talent Developing Program
After the beneficiaries have been selected, they take part in activities at the IRS headquarters and at the partner institutions premises (Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa, IBEU, Conservatorio Brasileiro de Musica, Instituto de Technologia ORT, ...) during the opposite shift to that of their schools. These activities enable intellectual, personal and emotional development by means of programs presented by the Leading Workshops (Creation, Entrepreneurism and Vocational Supervision) and by the Specific Talent Workshops (Crafts, Newspaper, Music and Theater). All of which aiming to develop talent and individual expression, encourage creativity and social interaction, citizenship and volunteer spirit as well as the entrepreneurial mind. 230 children and youngsters were seen by the project in 2012.

Preparatory Courses for Middle School Education students from 5th to 9th Grades.
To join these courses IRS offers a selection process aiming at children and youngsters from Government Schools and Education Non-Government Institutions who are partners with IRS and the Developing Talents Program.

To participate contact
Telephones: 2529-8239 / 2239-0448

Rio Design Club

Do you know Rio Design Club? Learn more and join us!

Rio Design Club was meant to entertain, acknowledge and bring together people of good taste; the venue is the extension of one’s life.
Learn about a wide array of special services, advantages, benefits, convenience, and amenities, everything tailored to suit you. This is an exclusive club which will change your relationship with Rio Design Barra.

There will be novelties and exclusive events every month in addition to special access to major events, always, with extreme sophistication and elegance. This is an intelligent and thoughtfully planned club. There is only one thing you have to do to add more points to maintain your membership - to enjoy the shopping mall facilities.

The purchases you make at the stores are worth points. That delicious lunch or dinner is worth points too. Going to the movies or to an exhibition, a simple day window-shopping are worth points. If you only park your car you are also entitled to add points to your membership.
Make the most of Rio Design Club. There was only one reason for us to create it: you.

Learn more here: